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Most crypto speculators today are blinded by shortterm price action and rapid movements in the markets, while they completely forget about the longterm prospects of this emerging technology. Taking advantage of CryptoYoda’s more than six years of elaborate experience in these volatile markets, the Letters From Dagobah are tailored to the needs of the patient investor and those who want to fundamentally enhance their understanding of market movements and -behavior, while staying up to date with relevant chart developments.

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  • Objective Discussion of Potential Bull/Bear Scenarios

  • Commentary on World Developments and Events as relevant

  • Bitcoin Dominance, MarketCap Charts and Minor Crypto Pairs as relevant

  • Charts of Non-Crypto Markets (Gold/Silver/Traditional Markets) as relevant

Follow the story of the market as it develops, while we journey together into the Golden Age of Cryptocurrency and Global Mainstream Adoption.

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Oh, and one last thing:

~ Letter publication is subject to market activity and significance of movements ~
or to say it in the twisted words of an old wise man:

A letter from Dagobah is never late,
nor is it early, it arrives precisely
when it means to.”